Shop the full selection of Flip Flop Spa products to keep your feet soft, smooth and clean. In addition to the core system and advanced care system you will also find our Eucalyptus foam pad wash, essential oil foot blend, cleansing pad set, essential oil pad sets and exfoliating abrasive pads to keep your spa system well stocked. The core system contains a pair of flip flops (available sizes 6 through 11), in stylish colors including black, gold and silver as well as leopard and zebra patterns, a bottle of essential oil that includes eucalyptus, tea tree, cloves and peppermint and a brochure that guides you through the Flip Flop Spa treatment.

When you need to replace any of our special foot treatment pads you will find a full selection of cleansing, exfoliating and essential oil pads in every size in our online shop. Keeping feet healthy, smooth and fresh requires padding that is dependable and we offer refill pads for every step of the Flip Flop Spa treatment so you get the full experience of our innovative foot care system. We also carry 50ml bottles of essential oil foot blend and 700ml bottles of eucalyptus foam pad wash to keep your flip flop pads clean and well oiled.