It's Time You Met The Flip Flop Spa® System


With our Patent Pending Flip Flop Spa™ Interchangeable Treatment Pad Footwear systems you can do just the opposite of what all footwear has done in the past. Honor your feet with the only footwear that provides a spa-like experience for your deserving feet. With the Flip Flop Spa™ you can exfoliate, moisturize and clean your feet while you're on the go. Normal, everyday walking while wearing our easy to use system will reward you with soft, smooth, beautiful feet. Say goodbye to cracked heels and hello to feet that feel fresh and relaxed.

  • Use our Cleansing Pad with our Essential Oil Spray to clean, deodorize, and disinfect your feet
  • Exfoliate the skin on your heels with our Abrasive Treatment Pad which removes dead skin cells and prepares your feet for moisturizing.
  • Using our exclusively blended 100% Natural Essential Oil and Essential Oil Treatment Pad, you will moisturize and clean your feet.


The Best Flip Flops Ever


If you consider all of the sweat and bacteria that are contained in a traditional shoe worn for just a few days, you will never want to put your foot into anything but the Flip Flop Spa™ again. Not only will it exfoliate and moisturize your feet better than any pedicure or spa treatment, the base is designed to be washable, and you can change your pads as often as you like. The pads can also be washed in warm water and soap, and let air dry, so you can reuse them often.

All flip flop enthusiasts have similar concerns: When wearing flip flops, both your feet and your flip flops get dirty, your skin gets dry, then it starts cracking. In time, you end up just walking around on feet that feel tired and sore. Well no more. With the Flip Flop Spa™, you can throw away your pumice stones, foot files and have no more cream in your socks!